What do people usually wear Sunday mornings?

We believe that a strong Biblical argument can be made for both dressing up or for dressing casually when going to church.  Most people who will come to The Water’s Edge won’t be aware of either argument.  Therefore, we want to encourage people to wear whatever they want, just as long as it is modest and not a distraction to others.

What’s the story behind the name, slogan, and logo?


What makes The Water’s Edge different than other churches in Duluth?

  • Our belief that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. 
  • Our seven core values (God pursuing, prayerful, ministry minded, relational, community impacting, Gospel sharing, and reproducing).
  • The fact that we are church that invites and is inviting. 
  • Our outward focus and emphasis on being doers of God’s Word not hearers only. 
  • Our team-oriented, hands-on, bottom-up ministry philosophy which emphasizes individual responsibility for spiritual growth. (see About Us)
  • You can view our church constitution here.