Though there is no formal church membership process outlined in the Bible, it is clear that God calls those who follow Him to be actively involved in and committed to a local church and to take that involvement and commitment very seriously. (Ephesians 4:1-15, 1 Corinthians 12, Acts 2:42-47, and Matthew 18:15-20) Therefore, we have the following high expectations for those who desire to be members of our church… 

Conversion evidenced by a solid understanding of the Gospel, a conversion testimony, evidence of a changed mind, life, and affections, examples of recent fruit of true saving faith, and believers baptism in obedience to the Biblical pattern

Commitment to live out our mission, to be a part of a Discipleship Group, to tithe (give 10% or more of your income) to the ministry of the church, to attend regularly, to be a blessing to and willingly submit to the leadership of the church, and to both give and receive admonition including church discipline

Core Values

Agree with who we are (see Our Vision)


Agree with what we believe (see Our Basic Beliefs)


“If I don’t want to become a member am I still welcome?”

Absolutely! We don’t expect everyone who comes to The Water’s Edge to become members, though we would love it if they did.  Everyone is welcome whether they are members or not.

“What do I need to do to become a member?”

Complete a membership course and meet the above four expectations.  The course is in the form of three 2-hour classes conducted over three weeks. 

“Why do I have to be in a ministry group to be a member?”

We want our members to be fully committed to the vision and ministry of our church.  This commitment is lived out through our Discipleship Groups.

“Can I lose my membership?”

Yes.  You can voluntarily discontinue your membership at any time, or your membership could be discontinued for you if you fail to consistently meet the expectations outlined above.

“When can I become a member?”

The next membership course will be offered April 10th. Contact Pastor Erik if you’re interested in becoming a member of the TWE family.