Path to Becoming a Deacon at TWE
How are they called and what do they do?
The call of a deacon shall occur in this manner: The pastor-elders shall recognize, interview, and investigate candidates for deacon. The pastor-elders shall provide for individual members of the church either to nominate candidates or to present themselves to the pastor-elders as candidates for office of deacon and for the pastor-elders further investigation. In no instances shall any individual be considered a nominee for the office without the nominee’s consent. In those cases where the pastor-elders conclude that a nominee is not qualified for the office of deacon, the pastor-elders shall so inform the nominee stating the reasons for this conclusion. The pastor-elders may present a ballot of candidates for deacon to the congregation at the annual meeting or at a special business meeting, provided that oral notice of any such meeting, stating its object, shall be given during the church service for two successive weeks preceding the meeting. Agendas for such meetings will be distributed to the membership according to normal distribution methods at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Calling of a deacon shall be by at least a three-fourths majority of those members voting at the meeting with at least thirty percent (30%) of the membership of the church present. (From TWE Constitution)
General Job Description
Deacons are Biblically qualified men (typically unpaid), appointed by the church to work together under Christ and the pastor/elders to serve the church by freeing up the pastor/elders to obey their calling and by creatively and authoritatively meeting the practical and primarily physical needs of the congregation.
  • From Pastor Erik’s winter 2012 sermon series on elders and deacons
  • Supporting texts: Acts 4:32-35, 6:1-6, Phil 1:1-2, 1 Tim 3:2-13
Specific job description
  • The primary role of our deacons will be to oversee our mercy ministry which includes…
    • Mobilizing and getting the whole church involved in mercy
    • Creating, implementing, and overseeing care plans for those in need at TWE
    • Organizing and administering our Mercy Fund
      • This would include fielding random mercy calls/requests from strangers
    • Organizing and administering our Mercy Bank
    • Organizing, mobilizing, equipping, and encouraging DG leaders and friends of mercy at TWE to do mercy
    • Seeking ways to impact our community and world through mercy (e.g. LP Hope Center)
  • Eventually, we would like to see our deacons…
    • Oversee the church’s finances
    • Overseeing many of the Ministry Teams
    • Overseeing the upkeep and use of our church building or other facilities
    • Potentially overseeing many of the administrative tasks of the church
    • Serving and freeing up the eldership in other ways as needs arise
Path to becoming a deacon at TWE
  • Be asked by or initially approved by elders (PLT)
  • Understanding the office, its duties, and its responsibilities express willingness/desire to serve
  • Elder (PLT) interviews to confirm candidate’s qualifications and readiness (family and church)
  • Complete initial deacon training which will entail…
    • Reading the following books and discussing them with an elder or deacon…
      • The New Testament Deacon by Alexander Strauch
      • Ministries of Mercy by Tim Keller
      • When Helping Hurts by Steve Corrbett and Brian Fikkert
      • Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton
    • Working alongside an elder or deacon to…
      • Create, implement, and oversee a care plan(s)
      • Meet a mercy need(s) through both the Mercy Fund and Mercy Bank
  • Once training is complete, present motion to membership bring candidate on as a deacon
  • Member vote at a quarterly, special, or annual business meeting
  • Installation at a Sunday morning service